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Undergraduate Study

BA Philosophy

Perennial questions about knowledge, existence, reality, meaning and value

BA Philosophy & Religions

The unending quest for truth and knowledge intersects with humanity’s spiritual paths.

BA Philosophy & Theology

Millennia of thinking on knowledge, reality and truth intertwined with a rich intellectual engagement in the Christian tradition.

BA Philosophy of Religion & Ethics

Religion, belief and the existence of God rigorously examined, with a spotlight on the demands and dilemmas of ethics.

BA Philosophy, Politics & Ethics

The perennial search for truth and knowledge, enriched by a deep study of contemporary political and ethical issues.

BA Philosophy, Politics & Religions

Build bridges between diverse religions, philosophical analysis and the real-world concerns of politics and society.

BA Religions

From timeless wisdom to conflicts ancient and modern, a multi-disciplinary study of what holds and separates the world’s major religions.

BA Religions & Ethics

The world’s religious traditions in dialogue with a searching enquiry into the ethical challenges of society.

BA Religions with Politics

The search for meaning and truth embodied in the world’s great paths, sharpened by a critical engagement with politics and power.

BA Theology

A deep understanding of Christianity from its world-shattering origins to today; from its wealth of scriptures, teachings spirituality to its wider horizons.

BA Theology & Religions

Deep study of Christianity in dynamic interaction with a wider world of faiths.

BA Theology with Politics

From the earliest beginnings of doctrine to the struggle for faith-led liberation, the breadth of Christian theology with a deep engagement with political ideas.

BD Bachelor of Divinity

This degree is specifically designed to meet the theological needs of candidates for ministerial priesthood in the Catholic Church.