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Postgraduate Taught Programmes

We are continuing to accept applications for our postgraduate taught programmes, commencing in September 2015. As announced on 26th June, Heythrop will cease to be a College of the University of London in 2018. However all students commencing in 2015 who succesfully compete their studies will receive a University of London degree and significant investment is being made to provide a range of non-curricular activities over the remaining years to maintain a positive student experience.

If you have any postgraduate admission enquiries, please contact us at

Ecclesiastical programmes

Details of our ecclesiastical postgraduate programmes can be found in the Bellarmine Institute programme pages. These programmes will be of particular interest to those preparing for ordination to the priesthood and to those already engaged in ministry in the Catholic Church. All programmes in the Bellarmine Institute are offered in conjunction with degrees of the University of London .

MA Abrahamic Religions

Extend your understanding of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. 

MA Biblical Studies

Perform an advanced study of biblical texts from both the Old and New Testament, with an emphasis on current methodologies.

MA Canon Law

Study of Roman Catholic Canon Law.

MA Christian Spirituality

Examine the spiritual traditions of Christianity in their historical and contemporary forms.

MA Christian Theology

Deepen your grasp of the religious teachings at the heart of Christianity. 

MA Christianity & Interreligious Relations

Engage with the questions and challenges faced by Christian faith as it confronts religious pluralism.

MA Contemporary Ethics

A timely and challenging exploration of questions such as ‘what is the good life?’ and ‘how should we act?'

MA Pastoral Theology

Integrate theology and experience, theory and practice, and faith and action.

MA Philosophy

A coherent presentation of the central questions of philosophy for progression from undergraduate study or following a degree in a related subject.

MA Philosophy & Religion

Explore the dynamics of the constant interplay between philosophical and theological issues.

MA Philosophy in Education

This innovative degree is specifically for teachers of philosophy in schools.

MA Philosophy of Religion & Ethics in Education

This unique degree is specifically for teachers of philosophy of religion and ethics in schools.

MA Psychology of Religion

Investigate the intersection of psychology, philosophy and religious studies and relationships between religious belief and behaviour.

Master of Philosophical Studies (MPhilStud)

An in-depth study of three areas of philosophy and the opportunity for research prior to PhD study.

MRes Biblical Studies

Establish critical and research skills for progression onto an MPhil or PhD.

MRes Christianity and Interreligious Relations

Establish critical and research skills in this area prior to MPhil or PhD study.

MRes Pastoral Theology

Establish critical and research skills necessary for progression to MPhil or PhD research in this area.

MRes Philosophy

Establishes critical and research skills in an area of proposed doctoral research.

MTh Master of Theology

Prepare for a further research degree by undertaking a detailed and advanced study of the central teachings of Christianity.

PGCert Ignatian Spirituality

Study the spiritual heritage of Ignatius Loyola within the wider context of the Christian spiritual tradition. 

PGCert Mystical Theology

Discover the origins and development of mystical theology in the wider context of the Christian spiritual tradition.

PGCert Pastoral Ministry

Explore the foundations of pastoral theology to support your pastoral reflection.