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Dr Alexander Douglas

Dr Alexander Douglas Lecturer
Telephone: 020 7795 4121


I was born in Canberra, Australia and completed my undergraduate studies (BA/BMus) at the Australian National University. I then completed my PhD in Philosophy at Birkbeck College, London, supervised by Professor Susan James.
My interests are in Early Modern philosophy, particularly the philosophy of Spinoza, Descartes, and some of their lesser-known contemporaries. I have  also recently become interested in the history and philosophy of political economy.
My book, Spinoza and the Dutch Cartesians: Philosophy and Theology, is out with Oxford University Press.

My book, The Philosophy of Debt, is forthcoming with Routledge in its Economics as Social Theory series. Aimed at a broader audience, it argues that a great deal of our public discourse is distorted and constrained by a confused concept of debt. The book philosophically engages with language, history, and economics in an attempt to clarify the concept and indicate how political debates about government deficit spending, the financial system, and other related issues might be improved by the digging out of certain entrenched confusions.

I enjoy writing and teaching about these topics and many others, including the philosophy of psychology, Frege, R.G Collingwood, British Idealism, and the French Enlightenment. For some reason I like philosophy that passes easily between the highly abstract and the very concrete.
I am also committed to the project of ending discrimination against women in philosophy (see, for instance,

Current teaching

PH102 Knowledge and Reality
PH312 History of Modern Philosophy
PH340 Contemporary Philosophical Problems
PH347 Philosophy of Psychology
PHH504 Mind and Psychology
Philosophy Research Seminar

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Some of my other interests are in mathematics, languages, poetry, and music.