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Associated Projects

  • ‘For Us and Our Salvation’: Mimetic Theory and Atonement, Symposium, 2014.
  • Mimetic Theory and Islam, International Symposium, Heythrop College in conjunction the University of Innsbruck, funded by the Imitatio Foundation, 2013.
  • Raymund Schwager Projekt: The Schwager-Girard Correspondence, Symposium, Faculty of Theology, University of Innsbruck, 2012.
  • Michael Kirwan and Sheelah Treflé Hidden, ‘”Redeeming Power”: A Research Project on Power and Abuse’, 2012.
  • Redeeming Power, COV&R, Tokyo, 2012.
  • 50 años de la teoria mimetica, Encuentro Internacional, São Paulo, 2011.
  • Girardian Summer School, Netherlands, 2011.
  • Weekends for research students working on Girard, London, 2011.
  • Mimetic Theory, Symposium, KU Leuven, 2010.
  • Fearful Symmetries, COV&R meeting, St Mary’s Twickenham, 2009.