Student Life

Student Life

Heythrop is a small college, part of the University of London, and specialises in Philosophy and Theology. Its library is outstanding and scholars come from all over the country to use it. Because of Heythrop's size there is a strong communal atmosphere, and the eclectic mix of ages, cultures and opinions makes for lively common room interaction. As Heythrop has only 800 students, small class sizes are guaranteed. This also results in one-to-one tutorials with specialist lecturers, many of whom are national names in their subject.

Heythrop itself offers a social atmosphere where students can relax with their friends after a day of thinking deep thoughts. The Heythrop Student Union (HSU) works to promote an active social life in the college and organizes social events during the academic year. There are four Junior Common Rooms, financed and maintained by the HSU. Facilities in them include pool table, table football, tea and coffee and use of the microwave, fridge, TV and music systems. The shop offers the chance to purchase your stationery as well as texts at reduced prices. The campus has a beautiful garden to which students have access.

In addition,  the University of London Union (ULU) offers welfare services, sports facilities, bars, restaurants and clubs to all students of London University. As members of ULU all Heythrop students also have access to the facilities of every other college in the University of London and Heythrop is currently negotiating privileged access to the nearby facilities of Imperial College.
There is on-site Student Support where problems can be discussed and dealt with in confidence, and the college has a discretionary hardship fund for students who find themselves in severe financial difficulties.

As a Christian institution Heythrop works hard to promote the life of prayer and spiritual growth among all its members. The Roman Catholic Eucharist is celebrated every day in Maria Assumpta chapel. Each week there is a college Eucharist, prepared by a team of students, and each term there is an ecumenical service. Retreats and spiritual direction are offered in college by the chaplain and her associates, and wider London University Chaplaincy events are advertised. The West London Chaplaincy, More House, with its excellent bar facilities, is nearby and all Heythrop students have access to it. As an institution which promotes theological and philosophical thinking it also has an Islamic Society and a Philosophical Society which debate across a broad spectrum of opinion. During term Heythrop offers a number of study days around topics of interest to different faculties and specialist seminars, accompanied by social events are organised for doctoral students.

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