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Undergraduate Module Outlines 2016-17

Level Four:

BS101 Biblical Foundations

CH102 History of Christianity

LN100 Latin for Beginners

NT101 New Testament Greek

OT101 Biblical Hebrew

ST103 Fundamentals of Revelation

ST104 Vatican II: Doctrines and Texts

Level Five and Six:

AR202 Beliefs & Practices of Judaism

AR204 Beliefs & Practices of Islam

AR302 Sacred Texts and Their Interpretation

AR303 Philosophical & Religious Ethics

AR304 Jewish-Christian Relations

AR305 Christian-Muslim Relations

AR306 Spirituality & Mysticism in the Abrahamic Faiths

AR307 Jewish-Muslim Relations

AR308 Belief & Unbelief

BS201 Biblical Theology in the Making

CH302 Early Modern Christianity

CH304 Early Christian Worship

CS301 Poetry and Human Thought

LE300 Undergraduate Dissertation

LN300 Intermediate Latin

NT309 Selected NT Texts in English: Epistles (Philippians)

NT310 Selected Texts From Gospels in Greek

NT311 Selected NT Texts in English: the Fourth Gospel

OT301 Israel at Worship

OT304 Reading English Texts: The Book of Judges: Selected Texts

OT305 Hebrew Texts: Exodus Hebrew Reading and Exegesis

OT307 Hebrew Texts: Zechariah 1 - 8

PH201 Contemporary Philosophy of Religion

PH202 Contemporary Moral Issues

PH302 Epistemology

PH313 19th Century German Philosophy

PH314 Concept of God

PH320 Wittgenstein

PH325 Love, Sex, Death and God

PH326 Hellenistic Philosophy

PH327 Neo-Platonist Philosophy

PH328 Heidegger after Nietzsche

PH331 Normative Ethics

PH332 Marx and Marxism

PH333 Philosophy of Social Science

PH335 Religious Experience & Spirituality

PH336 Life and After Life

PH340 Contemporary Philosophical Problems

PH342 Psychoanalysis & Philosophy

PH345 Philosophy of Science

PH348 Introduction to Moral Psychology & Metaethics

PH351 Further Issues in Moral Psychology & Metaethics

PS300 Christian Ethics

PS303 Interpersonal & Sexual Ethics

PS304 Bioethics

PS305 Canon Law

PS308 Special Moral Theology

PS310 Psychology of Religion

PS311 Sociology of Religion

SR201 Beliefs & Practices of Buddhism

SR305 Hermeneutics and Religion

ST300 Christ, God & Salvation

ST301 Experience, Thought, and Revelation

ST308 Political Theology

ST309 Theology of Liberation

ST311 Belief & Unbelief

ST314 Ecclesiology & Ecumenism

TH303 Creation, Grace & Resurrection

TH304 Theology of Literature