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Undergraduate Module Outlines 2015-16

Level 4:

AR101 Quranic Arabic

BS101 Biblical Foundations

CH102 History of Christianity

LN100 Latin for Beginners

NT101 New Testament Greek

OT101 Biblical Hebrew

ST103 Fundementals of Revelation

ST104 Vatican II

Level 5 and 6:

AR202 Beliefs & Practices of Judaism

AR204 Beliefs & Practices of Islam

AR302 Sacred Texts & Their Interpretation

AR303 Philosophical & Religious Ethics

AR304 Jewish-Christian Relations

AR305 Christian-Muslim Relations

AR306 Spirituality & Mysticism in the Abrahamic Faiths

AR307 Jewish-Muslim Relations

AR308 Belief & Unbelief

AR309 Quranic Texts: Early Meccan Chapters

BS201 Biblical Theology in the Making

CH300 Augustine

CS301 Poetry and Human Thought

LE300 Undergraduate Dissertation

LN300 Intermediate Latin

NT307 Selected Texts from 1 Corinthians in Greek

NT309 Selected NT Texts in English: Epistles (Galatians)

NT311 Selected NT Texts in English: The Fourth Gospel

OT301 Isreal at Worship

OT307 Hebrew Texts: Zechariah 1-8

PH201 Contemporary Philosophy of Religion

PH202 Contemporary Moral Issues

PH301 Metaphysics

PH304 Phenomenology and Existentialism

PH307 Political Philosophy

PH312 History of Modern Philosophy

PH314 Concept of God

PH318 Aquinas & Bonaventure

PH325 Love, Sex, Death & God

PH328 Heidegger After Nietszche

PH330 Modern French Thought

PH335 Religious Experience & Spirituality

PH336 Life and After Life

PH340 Contemporary Philosophical Problems

PH344 Philosophy of Language

PH346 Namining, Necessity & Natural Kinds

PH347 Philosophy of Psychology

PH348 Introduction to Moral Psychology & Metaethics

PH349 Aesthetics

PH350 Philosophy of Literature

PH352 Philosophy of Mind

PO201 Advanced Political Thought

PS300 Christian Ethics

PS303 Interpersonal & Sexual Ethics

PS304 Bioethics

PS305 Canon Law

PS308 Special Moral Theology

PS310 Psychology of Religion

PS311 Sociology of Religion

SR201 Beliefs & Practices of Buddhism

SR202 Beliefs & Practices of Hinduism

SR203 Anthropology of Religion

ST302 Liturgy

SR305 Hermeneutics & Religion

ST300 Christ, God & Salvation

ST308 Political Theology

ST309 Theology of Liberation

ST311 Belief & Unbelief

ST314 Ecclesiology and Ecumenism

TH303 Creation, Grace & Resurrection