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Postgraduate Module Outlines 2016-17

ABR401 Religion and the Religions in the Modern World

ABR402 Contemporary Judaism

ABR403 Contemporary Christian Thought

ABR404 Unity and Diversity in Contemporary Islamic Thought

BIB411Critical Aspects of Biblical Interpretation I (Old Test.)

BIB412 Critical Aspects of Biblical Interpretation II (New Test.)

BIB502 Introduction to Biblical Hebrew

BIB504 Reading 1 Corinthians

BIB506 Second Temple Judaism: Texts and Tradition

BIB508 Introduction to New Testament Greek

BIB512 Reading Biblical Hebrew: Introduction to the Language and Exegesis

BIB513 The Bible in Faith Contexts

BIB518 Reading New Testament Greek: Introduction to the Language and Exegesis

CAN401 General Introduction to Canon Law

CAN402 Marriage in Canon Law

CAN404 The People of God

CAN505 Sacramental Law 

CET401 Foundations of Ethics

CET402 Moral Development, Reasoning and Decision Making   

CET501 Ethical Issues Today

CET502 Bioethics and Sexual Ethics

CET505 Spirituality, Religion and Ethics in Contemporary Healthcare

CET507 Market Economy, Ethics and the Meaning of Life

CET508 Environmental Change, Sustainable Development and Global Ethics

CIR402 Christianity in Dialogue

CIR403 Understanding Religion in the Age of Modernity

CIR404 Jewish-Christian Relations

CIR505 Muslim-Christian Relations 

CIR506 Christian Relations with Buddhism and Hinduism

CTH411 Augustine and the Christian Tradition

CTH412 Central Themes in Modern Christian Theology

PAL502 Modern Theologies of Liturgy 

PAS414 Foundations of Pastoral Theology

PAS415 Religion – Context & Crisis

PAS520 Theology of Religious Life

PAS521 Mission & Ministry

PHE403 Teaching Philosophy and Ethics

PHH410 Knowledge and Reality

PHH411 Political Philosophy 

PHH502 Introduction to Philosophy

PHH503 Logic and Language

PHH504 Mind and Psychology

PHH505 Reason and Religion  

PHH506 Philosophy Essays 

PHR507 Selected Themes in European Philosophy

RES401 Research Skills in Theology

RES402 Research Skills in Philosophy

RES403 Research Skills in Biblical Studies

PSY410 Psychology and Religion

PSY502 Psychological Perspectives on Religious Development

PSY503 Mental Health, Religion and Culture

PSY511 Scientific Study of Religion

SPR401 Foundations for the Study of Spirituality

SPR501 Patterns of Spiritual Growth and Personal Transformation

SPR504 History of Christian Mysticism to the Reformation

SPR508 The Franciscan Spiritual Tradition: Faith, Reason and Spirituality

SPR510 Spiritual Direction in the Tradition of Ignatius of Loyola