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Watch conference talks on Religious Epistemology

Heythrop hosted a two-day conference for the general public on recent advances in Religious Epistemology on June 19-20th. The conference as generously hosted by the Royal Institute of Philosophy and The Templeton Foundation paid for video recording.

The speakers included some of the leading figures in this field, including Prof John Hawthorne (Oxford), Prof Duncan Pritchard (Edinburgh), and Prof John Cottingham (Heythrop). The papers will form a special themed issue of the journal Philosophy, to be edited by Heythrop’s Stephen Law, who also organised the conference.

These recording  will appeal to anyone with an interest in continuing public debates about the rationality of religious belief (particularly post The God Delusion). The talks will be of particular interest to teachers, journalists, and other writers with an interest in religion. The most accessible talks are by McBrayer and Law.

Stephen Law: 'Skeptical Theism and the Pandora's Box Question'


More talks from the Religious Epistemology conference on YouTube