Honorary Doctorates and Fellows

Heythrop College awarded honorary doctorates to exceptionally distinguished individuals on an annual basis for a number of years.


Rev Dr Gerard J Hughes SJ, College Fellowship

Rev Dr Joseph Laishley SJ, College Fellowship

College Fellowship 2000

Sr Dorothy Bell RSCJ OBE

Rev Dr Theodore Davey CP

Rev Prof Jack Mahoney SJ

College Fellowship 2001

Rev Dr Robert Murray SJ

College Fellowship 2002

Rev Kevin Donovan SJ

Mr Patrick Gaynor

Mr John Smith CBE

Doctor of Divinity 2002

Prof Nicholas Lash

College Fellowship 2003

Rev Dr Anthony Meredith SJ

Dr Anne Murphy SHCJ

Mr Michael Walsh

Doctor of Divinity 2003

Rev Prof Avery Dulles SJ

College Fellowship 2004

Prof Ursula King

Rev Prof George Vass SJ

Doctor of Divinity 2004

Rev Prof Jack Mahoney SJ

College Fellowship 2005

Prof Graham Zellick CBE

Doctor of Divinity 2005

Prof René Girard

College Fellowship 2006

Mr Drummond D A Leslie MBE

Doctor of Divinity 2006

Sir Jonathan Sacks

College Fellowship 2007

Mr Kevin Livesey

Doctor of Divinity 2007

Prof Michael Hornsby-Smith

College Fellowship 2008

Dr Susan O'Brien

Dame Janet Ritterman DBE

Doctor of Divinity 2008

Rev Dr Robert Murray SJ

College Fellowship 2009

Rev Brendan Callaghan SJ

Dr Molly Scopes

Doctor of Letters 2009

Rev Dr Gerard J Hughes SJ

College Fellowship 2010

Revd Roy Dorey

Rev Kevin Fox SJ

Doctor of Divinity 2010

His Eminence Cormac Murphy O'Connor

Revd Prof Tom (NT) Wright

College Fellowship 2013

Mr Michael Malone-Lee

Doctor of Divinity 2013

Ms Catherine Corcoran

Prof The Baroness Sheila Hollins

Prof Johannes Metz

Rev Prof John O'Malley SJ

Doctor of Divinity 2014

Prof Janet Soskice

College Fellowship 2015

Prof Malcolm Cook

Doctor of Divinity 2015

Mr John Wilkins MBE

Doctor of Divinity 2016

Dr Sebastian Brock

College Fellowship 2017

Mr Andrew Kennedy

Rev Dr James Sweeney CP

Doctor of Divinity 2017

Rt Rev Antoine Audo SJ

Rev Prof Francis X Clooney SJ

Revd Canon Prof Sarah Coakley

Most Rev Michael Fitzgerald M.Afr.

Revd Dr Nerses Nersessian

Honorary Doctorates 2018

Professor Eamon Duffy

Mrs Janet Graffius

Mr Brian Pearce

College Fellowships 2018

Rev Michael Holman SJ

Mr John Darley

Prof John Davies

Mrs Tamsin Eastwood

Mr Michael Egan

Mr Jeremy Heap

Mr Loughlin Hickey

Dr Edel Mahony

Prof John Morrill

Mr John Ward

Rev Prof Michael Barnes SJ

Ms Annabel Clarkson (also recipient of the Campion Medal)

Rev Dr Peter Gallagher SJ