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Research Concordat

Annual statement to the Governing Body

Heythrop College is a signatory to the Concordat.  There have been no cases of research misconduct to report. 

The College has a Research Committee and, up to 2017-18, an Ethics Committee which regularly reviewed ethical considerations of proposed research activities.  The Research Committee has representation from all academic areas; the Ethics Committee has an external member to ensure that consideration of research ethics is comparable with other institutions.  Both these committees have a reporting line to Academic Board, which, in turn reports to the Governing Body.  An annual research report is submitted to Academic Board, and thence to the Governing Body within Academic Board minutes. 

The College has appointed a Director of Research, who reports to the Vice Principal Academic.  As the College is closing soon after the end of the 2017-18 academic year, the Ethics Committee has been stood down.  It has been replaced by an Ethics Officer.  At the request of the Audit, Risk and Governance Committee of the Governing Body, the Ethics Officer has a reporting line to the Vice Principal Academic to ensure that there is oversight of any ethical issues by more than one person.  The Ethics Officer oversees research integrity and acts as a first point of contact for information on matters of research integrity. 

The College reviewed its Whistleblowing Policy in 2016-17 and the revised policy was approved by the Audit, Risk and Governance Committee and the Governing Body at their June 2017 meetings.  The new policy is on the College’s website.  The named point of contact to act as confidential liaison for whistleblowers is the Director of Administration or, as an alternative, the Chairman of the Audit, Risk and Governance Committee. 

The Audit, Risk and Governance Committee’s annual report includes a report on any cases of public interest disclosure (whistleblowing).  To date, there have been no such cases. 


Maureen Skinner
Clerk to the Governing Body

November 2017