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Governing Body


The powers and responsibilities of the Governing Body are defined in the Statutes and Ordinances. 

Statute 1: Functions, Responsibilities and Powers of the Governing Body

1.    General Powers of the Governing Body

The Governing Body shall, subject to the Charter, the Statutes of the College and the Statutes and Ordinances of the University of London, have general control over the conduct of the College’s affairs, including determination of its educational character, mission and strategic direction.

2.    Specific Powers of the Governing Body

Provided that it takes into account the views of the Academic Board on any matters deemed by the Governing Body to affect the academic policy or life of the College, the Governing Body shall have powers and responsibilities:

(a)        To make, repeal and amend Ordinances;

(b)        To safeguard the academic freedom of expression of members of the College;

(c)        To safeguard equality of opportunity for staff and students of the College;

(d)        To appoint and remove the Principal;

(e)        To direct and oversee arrangements for Internal and External Audit: viz. to appoint External and Internal Auditors; to establish an Audit Committee; and  to approve the annual audited accounts;

(f)        To determine the structure, staffing and overall composition of the College.

3.    Delegation of Powers by the Governing Body

3.1       The Governing Body may delegate any of its powers (except those listed above in 1.2 (a) – (f) to the Academic Board or other Committees or Sub-committees formed from its own number or otherwise appointed, or to joint committees, or to officers of the College but the terms of the delegation must be agreed by the Governing Body and recorded in the minutes.

3.2       The Ordinances will define reporting back procedures for committees operating with delegated powers.

3.3       Nothing in this Statute shall enable the Governing Body to delegate its powers under Statute 6.


Section 1: Primary Responsibilities

1          The Governing Body shall safeguard the mission and ethos of the College. 

2          As the principal financial and business authority of the institution, it will ensure that proper financial management practices are in place, will approve the annual budget and financial statements, and shall have overall responsibility for the College’s assets, property and estate. It will ensure that funds provided from HEFCE and other funders are used in accordance with the Financial Memorandum and/or the purposes for which they were provided.

Section 2: Powers of the Governing Body

3          The Governing Body shall have the power to:

  • approve the mission and strategic vision of the institution, long-term academic and business plans and key performance indicators, and to ensure that these meet the interests of stakeholders;
  • appoint the Principal and put in place suitable arrangements for monitoring his performance;
  • delegate authority to the Principal, as chief executive, for the academic, corporate, financial, estate and personnel management of the institution.
  • require the establishment and monitoring of systems of control and accountability including financial and operational controls and risk assessment, and procedures for handling internal grievances and for managing conflicts of interest;
  • monitor and evaluate the performance and effectiveness of the institution against the plans and approved key performance indicators, which should be, where possible and appropriate, benchmarked against other comparable institutions;
  • monitor and evaluate the performance and effectiveness of the Governing Body itself;
  • appoint the Vice Principal(s);
  • appoint a Clerk to the Governing Body and ensure that, if the person appointed has managerial responsibilities in the institution, there is an appropriate separation in the lines of accountability;
  • be the employing authority for all staff in the institution and to establish a human resources strategy.



President, Principal and Chair if not otherwise a member
Provincial - Very Rev Damian Howard SJ
Principal - Professor Claire Ozanne


5 nominated by TRCP
Rev Dr Edward Bermingham SJ
Rev Brendan Callaghan SJ
Rev Dr Keith McMillan SJ
Rev John Moffatt SJ


3 nominated by the University of London
Professor John Davies
Dr Edel Mahony
Rev Professor John Morrill


Archbishop Kevin McDonald


at least 4, not more than 7 not from group already represented
Mr John Darley
Mrs Tamsin Eastwood - Chair
Mr Michael Egan
Mr Jeremy Heap – Vice Chair
Mr Loughlin Hickey
Mr John Ward


Ms Shadé Olutobi


Co-President – Mr Henry Edwards-Xu
Co-President - Mr Matthew Holland


Heythrop greatly values the breadth of vision and expert contribution made to its work by Governors, committee members and other “specialist friends” from outside the College, and we are always interested to hear from interested individuals.

There are two principal ways to become involved in the College’s work: as a member of the Governing Body or as a specialist external member of a committee or project group. The Governing Body has a formal constitution with occasional vacancies occurring in one or other category of membership. The committees and project groups beneath the Governing Body generally have more flexible constitutions and a narrower specialist focus which is often of interest to people who are just becoming familiar with Heythrop’s work. The roles are unpaid.

The expertise and contacts we seek in our external members varies periodically, depending on the present composition of the Governing Body etc and the developing projects within our strategic plan.

While we would always seek empathy with the mission and ethos of the College, we are keen that our decision-making structures should include members of non-Catholic and non-Christian faiths.

If you would be interested in an informal discussion or to receive further information about the College or the appointment process, please contact the Clerk to the Governing Body, Heythrop College, University of London, Kensington Square, London W8 5HQ.


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