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Academic Board


The powers and responsibilities of the Academic Board are defined in the Statutes and Ordinances.

Statute 3       Academic Board

1          General Powers of the Academic Board

The Academic Board has the responsibility to advise the Governing Body of any academic matters which it considers to have financial implications for the  College, and has the right to be consulted by the Governing Body before decisions are made affecting the academic well-being of the College.

2          Specific Powers of the Academic Board

The Ordinances shall prescribe for the powers, responsibilities, composition and operation of the Academic Board.

Ordinance 5: Powers and Composition of the Academic Board

Amendments to this Ordinance must be made in accordance with Statute 3

Section 1      Powers and Responsibilities

1    In discharging its general and specific powers under Statute 3, the Academic Board shall exercise oversight of the College’s academic planning and the quality and nature of its educational provision, and shall:

  • approve the award of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees of the University of London and of Heythrop Diplomas and Certificates to persons who have fulfilled the conditions of award;
  • monitor the quality of modules or whole programmes, and determine their continuation, discontinuation or amendment;
  • approve regulations for the duration and structure of degree, diploma and certificate programmes
  • promote research and monitor the research programme of the College;
  • regulate the admission and progress of persons admitted to the degree, diploma and certificate programmes, and the termination of registration;
  • regulate examination arrangements and appoint internal, external and intercollegiate examiners, and  terminate the appointment of any examiner for good cause;
  • regulate for the institution of fellowships, bursaries, scholarships and prizes.