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Seminars 2016-17

The following seminars took place at Heythrop College from December 2016 to June 2017.

Reading and ritual in classical antiquity
Professor Greg Woolf   (Institute of Classical Studies, University of London)
7th December 2016
Bookish Circles, Part III

Professor Tim Whitmarsh   (University of Cambridge)
11th January 2017
Bookish Circles, Part III

Cultivating a reasonable self: young secular Jews and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict
Dr Stacey Gutkowski   (King’s College, London)
18th January 2017

Adult teaching and learning in philosophical schools: the cases of Epictetus and Calvenus Taurus
Professor Michael Trapp   (King’s College, London)
1st March 2017 
Bookish Circles, Part III

Libraries, special libraries, and the New Testament: Text-centred events and the composition of the Book of Revelation
Dr Garrick Allen  (Dublin City University)
15th March 2017 
Bookish Circles, Part III

YHWH in the wine vat
Ms Rebekah Welton  (University of Exeter)
10th May 2017

Friendship, Patronage and Education in Luke’s gospel and Acts
Dr Daniele Pevarello  (Trinity College, Dublin )
17th May 2017
Bookish Circles, Part III