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National Catholic AS/A2 Teachers CPD: New Thinking on Familiar Topics

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National Catholic AS/A2 Teachers CPD: New Thinking on Familiar Topics

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Location: Heythrop College


Catholic AS/A2 Teachers CPD: New Thinking on Familiar Topics

Cost: £50 per person

Lunch and light refreshments are provided.

The move to a new syllabus in RE for AS/A2 in the UK invites a fresh approach to teaching RE at this level in Catholic schools. This day seeks to resource teachers who attend with material that will deepen their engagement with key topics, whilst presenting ways in which they can be taught, reflecting the new thinking that is present in this approach.

In the morning, we will look at four topics that have previously been on the AS/A2 syllabus in Philosophy of Religion, and Religion and Ethics, engaging with them in new ways across the different specifications. The afternoon will engage with topics in the new areas of Christian Doctrine and Scripture, so that wider issues are raised that will be relevant to other areas of the specifications.

Gathering and registration will begin at 9.30, with coffee/tea available.

10.00 Morning sessions begin:

Proofs for the existence of God – Philip Robinson, Catholic Education Service

(AQA 3.1.1/11; Edexcel 1.1/10 #5; Eduqas 1 A-F; OCR 2/12-13)

Religious Language – Martin Poulsom, Heythrop College, London

(AQA 3.1.1/12; Edexcel 1.4/13; Eduqas 4 A-F; OCR 5-6/17-18)

Utilitarianism – Anthony Towey, St Mary’s, Twickenham

(AQA; Edexcel 2.2.1/19; Eduqas 3.3 D-E; OCR 2/24)

Life, Death and Medical Ethics – Pia Matthews, St Mary’s, Twickenham

(AQA 3.1.2/13 (CP); Edexcel 2.2.1/18; Eduqas 3.2 C; OCR 3/25)

12.30 Lunch

13.15 Afternoon sessions begin:

Messiahship of Jesus in Context - Martin Poulsom, Heythrop College, London

(Edexcel 3.1.1 and 3.2.2; Eduqas 1.1 A-B and F)

Secularisation – Sean Whittle, Heythrop College, London

(AQA 3.2.2 A/20; Edexcel 4.4.2/42; Eduqas 1.3 D-E, 2 F; OCR 6/42)

14.30-15.00 Plenary