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Modern World Conference - TEDx

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Modern World Conference

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Location: Loyola Hall, Heythrop College

Our speakers will include:

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Jonny Luk
Johnny is the CEO of the National Association of College and University Entrepreneurs (NACUE), working with entrepreneurial students across 260 UK campuses. Previously, he held roles as a Senior Policy Advisor, and Deputy Head of Strategy for Entrepreneurship in the UK Government. He was an alumnus of Lord Wei’s Diaspora Leadership Programme where he helped develop a research piece of UK-China branding. He is a graduate of Durham University and the former British Champion in Rowing. 


Celebrant.jpgTiu de Haan
Tiu de Haan is a celebrant, creative facilitator, writer and musician. 

She spent many years working as a professional creative and then over a decade teaching creativity to everyone from CEOs to seven year olds. Her work as a non denominational celebrant allows her to bring creativity together with ceremony, helping others to celebrate the transitions in all our lives, be they weddings, funerals or other thresholds that demand a ritual to honour their passing. 

Tiu’s expertise lies in creating bespoke experiences that awaken the imagination and help us reconnect with our sense of wonder. She is currently writing a book about ritual in the 21st century, collating powerful stories of how we as humans make meaning of the big transitions of life, love and death.

Johannes Headshot.JPGJohannes Hoff
Johannes Hoff is Professor of Systematic and Philosophical Theology at Heythrop College in the University of London. Previously he was teaching Philosophical Theology at the University of Wales and Fundamental Theology at the Catholic Department of the University of Tübingen (Germany). His recent publications focus on the ‘analogical rationality’ of premodern philosophy in the light of the late modern crisis of Western science and culture. Related to this research is his investigation of similar crisis experiences in the Early Renaissance (15th century) and Early Romanticism (18/19th century), and his research on performativity in collaboration with leading representatives of contemporary art. Most recently, he has started to think about the digital revolution of our time. This research focuses on the irreducibility of our ‘analogical’ way of thinking to the digital rationality of the last five centuries, and the significance of spiritual practices for the forthcoming ‘post-digital age’. 


James Rylance

James Rylance is a brewer and maker based in East London. Whilst studying Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art he was taken under the wing of the Kernel Brewery in Bermonsey who let him clean stuff and generally get in the way. Once graduating he got a job at Beavertown Brewery where he became Head Brewer then Head of Research and Development. After almost 3 years and a lot of expansion he went off to Burgundy for the 2014 wine harvest and now is the Head Brewer at The Redchurch Brewery in Bethnal Green, East London. James is currently working on capturing new strains of yeast from the wild (bug wrangling) and rediscovering ancient and forgotten brewing techniques.


Gwen Griffith-Dickson

Gwen Griffith-Dickson is a professor specializing in religion, a social activist and charity founder, and a novelist. Whether dealing with ideas or conflict, her focus is on the relationship between faiths and cultures.

Her charity, Lokahi, became the first community organization to prevent a terrorist attack in Britain.

Her debut novel is Bleedback.


Loughlin Hickey

Loughlin is currently a Trustee of, and Senior Adviser to, Blueprint for Better Business. Blueprint is a charity that challenges businesses to be the force for good they can be in society; they provide practical tools to enable a business to be guided and judged by a purpose that respects human dignity and serves society.
Loughlin is also an external Governor of Heythrop College.
Loughlin is a chartered accountant and prior to his retirement in 2011 he was at KPMG , one of the global accounting and consulting firms. He was in KPMG's tax practice for 30 years (and a partner for 22 years) and for last 6 years was Global Head of Tax and member of the Global Executive Team.

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