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Market Economy, Ethics and the Meaning of Life

Market Economy, Ethics and the Meaning of Life

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Event date: Monday 8th May, 9:30am to Wednesday 10th May, 5:00pm

Location: Heythrop College

This is a three-day intensive, interactive, interdisciplinary module designed to explore the themes of ‘economy and the common good’, ‘goods, values, and the discourse of business ethics’ and ‘marketing and ethics’ and ‘moral imagination and character of the business professional’.  Questions considered during the course include : Can it be meaningful to speak of the common good in relation to markets? Which goods are not for sale? What are the main strengths of, and challenges presented by, market economies at present in social and economic terms? What is the discourse of business ethics? Various case studies are introduced throughout the course in order to address these questions and discuss the possibilities of responsible business practice.

For more details and how to apply please see the Course page.

Contact Name: Dr Anna Abram
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