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Let Silence Speak (Being Human event)

Let Silence Speak

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Location: Farm Street Church, 114 Mount Street, London, W1K 3AH

Listening to the human voice

Silence releases a creative response to life, to our environment, because it gives our spirit room to be.” Fr John Main

Heythrop College presents an immersive experience intertwining and choral music by vocal ensembles The Marian Consort & Cappella Romana alongside philosophical discourse, to ponder how silence acts as a spiritual and epistemic space to enable action and change. The event will run as three segments presented by Prof Johannes Hoff, Dr Ahmad Achtar and Dr Tony Carroll. They will explore the notion of how the humanities bring to light the ‘silenced’ parts of theology and mysticism, and listening to the voice of silence.

Contact Name: Sheelah Treflé Hidden
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