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Johannes Hoff - Syndicate online event

Syndicate Theology Symposium

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Location: This is an online activity

The research of Professor of Systematic and Philosophical Theology, Johannes Hoff, will feature in an innovative symposium in forthcoming weeks. Professor Hoff's latest book “The Analogical Turn” (2013) will be the topic of an online forum which enables theology scholars to explore and engage in the big questions in a discursive space, whilst harnessing the power of social media to share content and allow for “real time” engagements between authors, commenters, and readers.

'Syndicate' uses recent publications in theological studies as a point of departure for addressing and engaging open questions in contemporary theology and ethics. It is a new online forum that presents a selection of 24 of the most recent book publications considered important for contemporary theology and ethics. Every symposium takes 2 weeks and consists of 4 book reviews, followed by 4 responses by the author. The symposium for Professor Johanness Hoff's book will start on 27th of April. A printed version of the symposium will be published at a later date.

Monday April 27: Paper of John Betz and response by JoH

Wednesday April 29: Paper of Michael E. Moore and response by JoH

Monday May 4: Paper of Matthew Moser and response by JoH

Wednesday May 6: Paper of Daniel O’Connell and response by JoH

For further details, visit the Syndicate website.


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