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The Eye of Love: symposium and book launch Event

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The Eye of Love: Philosophy and Theology in the Jesuit Tradition

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Location: Heythrop College


A Symposium and Book Launch

A one-day Symposium to celebrate the Jesuit educational ‘genius’ and intellectual tradition, and the launch of Philosophy and Theology in the Jesuit Tradition: ‘The Eye of Love.’  (Bloomsbury, 2017)

Drawing on the best of Renaissance humanist values, Jesuits have sought to order humanist learning ‘for the greater glory of God’. Central to the Jesuit project is the conviction that theology and philosophy- the quest for divine truth, and the love of human wisdom- can and should be oriented towards one another, in a way that is mutually enriching and empowering.

The scholars represented in this volume are associated with Heythrop College, a Jesuit academic foundation which dates its original foundation to 1614, though since 1970 it has found a home as ‘the specialist college of theology and philosophy in the University of London’.

This volume offers contributions to a ‘new renaissance’: on topics such as faith and spirituality, science and reason, secularism, naturalism, humanism and Jesuit education. Its title comes from the Jesuit mission statement: ‘Ours is a service of faith and of the radical implications of faith in a world where it is becoming easier to settle for something less than faith and less than justice. We recognize, along with many of our contemporaries, that without faith, without the eye of love, the human world seems too evil for God to be good, for a good God to exist’.

Rowan Williams, in his Foreword to The Eye of Love, describes Ignatius’ ‘theology of educating’ in terms of the assumption that ‘the ultimate point of education is that we should be able to live as God purposes us to live, that we realize our ultimate end. Education is either about becoming what we are finally meant to be or it is about nothing’. The Jesuit educational institution is ‘one in which shared responsibility and shared involvement in growth in humanity towards God’s purposes for humanity are at the centre of what is envisaged’. This is the attempt to understand humanity which- if it is indeed in the image of the invisible God- is as properly inexhaustible and exhilarating as God himself.

Provisional Programme

Cost: £15, to include lunch and all refreshments

09.30     Welcomes, and Introduction to the day: Dr Anna Abram, Dr Peter Gallagher SJ

               Session 1: the ‘Jesuit way’: a strange, beautiful story,
               Dr Eddie Howells, Dr. Sean Whittle, Mr Anthony O’Mahony,

10.45       ‘Perennial Thought and Changing Cultures’,
                Prof. John Haldane (University of St Andrews)

11.15        Break   

11.45       Session 2: Jesuits and the new dialogues between faith and reason,
                Dr Terry Walsh SJ, Dr Stephen Law, Dr Tony Carroll, Dr Fiona Ellis

13.15        Lunch

14.00       Session 3: Jesuits and the struggle for the ‘humanum’,
                Dr Agneta Sutton, Dr Nicholas Austin SJ, Dr. Patrick Riordan SJ

15.00       Session 4: Jesuits: ‘an eye to the future?’,
                Dr Michael Kirwan SJ, Dr John McDade; closing discussion

16.30       Break

17.00       Musical interlude, the Heythrop Schola

17.30       Book launch and reception: Philosophy and Theology in the Jesuit Tradition: “The Eye of Love”’,
                eds. Dr Anna Abram, Dr Peter Gallagher SJ, Dr Michael Kirwan SJ.


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