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Eastern Christianity in the Middle East

Eastern Christianity in the Middle East

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Event date: Thursday 28th January, 11:00am to Thursday 3rd March, 12:30pm

Location: Rewley House Lecture Theatre, 1 Wellington Square, Oxford

A series of 6 lectures by ANTHONY O’MAHONY


This series of lectures explores the traditions, histories and contemporary context of Eastern Christianity in the Middle East. The modern Middle East has been a challenging environment for Christians and their churches – a period marked by the ending of the Ottoman Empire, colonialism and the creation of nation states; by genocide and displacement, interreligious conflict.

Christianity in the Middle East is complex and diverse, characterized by deep and rich religious and spiritual resources – Armenian, Coptic, Syriac. Despite challenges the Christian churches in the region have responded beyond survival with a profound and significant contribution to theology, spirituality and dialogue between religions.


THURSDAYS 11.00AM - 12.30PM

(10.30am - first week only) Registration at Rewley House Reception

28 JAN 2016
Eastern Christianity in the Middle East – ancient traditions, modern histories, contemporary challenges

4 FEB 2016
Between the desert and the world:Coptic Christianity in modern Egypt

11 FEB 2016
After the Genocide: Armenian and Syriac Christianity in the wider Western Asia

18 FEB 2016
Tradition at the heart of renewal: monasticism and spirituality in the Middle East today

25 FEB 2016
Conflict, displacement and revival: The Church of the East/Chaldean Church in Iraq

3 MAR 2016
Christianity and Jerusalem: The question of identity, religion and the politics of presence in the Holy land


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Coffee / tea is provided in the Common Room before the lecture, from 10.30am.

Individual lecture tickets are not available.

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ANTHONY O’MAHONY is Reader in the History of Christianity, Heythrop College, University of London and a Research Fellow at Blackfriars, University of Oxford

Director of Studies:

REVD ROBIN GIBBONS,BA, MTh, MSt, PhD Director of Studies in Theology and Religious Studies, OUDCE.