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The Challenges of a Muslim-Catholic Marriage

The Challenges of a Muslim-Catholic Marriage

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Location: Heythrop College

Join us for a study day understanding the challenges of a Muslim-Catholic marriage.

Marriage between Muslims and Catholics in particular, and Christians more broadly, is becoming increasingly common, but the complex issues raised are little appreciated. Marriage has quite different meaning for Catholics and Muslims and both religions have their own religious law governing marriage. There is also usually a cultural gap which needs to be bridged if any relationship is to work.

Bringing together the expertise of theologians, canon lawyers, providers of marriage preparation and pastors, this study day seeks to examine and deepen reflection on the issues that come out of these differences. The aim is to equip attendees with ways to improve the preparation offered to couples in which each wants to be faithful to their religious tradition whilst at the same time respecting the religious identity of their partner.

This event is run in association with:

Marriage Care
The Heythrop Centre for Christianity and Interreligious Dialogue
Christian-Muslim Forum


Registration is £10.

To book your place, please email