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Graduate profile: Stephanie O'Connor

Christian Theology MA (completed 2013)

"When you first enter Heythrop there can be no doubt that you are not in any ordinary university. The building itself is quirky and gives it a lively atmosphere - but it's the diversity of students, lecturers and visitors which makes it such a fascinating place at which to study.

Despite living in Birmingham and facing a three-hour commute each way every week, Heythrop's reputation, reinforced by the number of high profile lecturers and its incredible library, affirmed my initial desire to study here.

The most enjoyable part of the course has simply been the lectures. The high quality teaching was enhanced by such a diverse group of students that no lecture was ever dull or without discussion and debate!

My time at Heythrop has been incredibly enjoyable and I have met some wonderful people who have had a profound impact on my life. It is a very beautiful place which only enhances learning. It was well-worth the time and energy, and I would recommend Heythrop to anyone considering undergraduate or postgraduate study."