The Committee reports to Academic Board:-


Terms of reference




One member of academic staff from each department


Peter Gallagher


Richard Price (chair)

Pastoral and Social Studies

Anna Abram

One member from each of the Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Research students


Ashley Doolan


John Ross


Stephanie Hugh-Donovan

Heythrop Students' Union President

Miss Gala Jackson-Coombs

The Librarian

Christoper Pedley (Secretary)

The Deputy Librarian

Michael Morgan



Terms of Reference

Frequency of Meetings

Once a term or as otherwise required


Four including at least one member of academic staff, one student representative and one member of Library staff.

Terms of Reference

1. To determine policy for the Library, including: collection management, development, access and borrowing.

2. To act as a forum for liaison between the Library, academic staff and students.

4. To monitor the performance of the Library.

5. To advise the Finance and General Purposes Committee with regard to finances of the Library.

6. To submit an Annual Report to the summer meeting of the Academic Board

7. To ensure, in respect of the areas of College life falling with in its remit, that unlawful discrimination on grounds of age, disability, gender re-assignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion and belief (including lack of belief), sex, or sexual orientation, does not occur.  It will ensure this by:-

a) monitoring appropriate data sets and suitable intervals, and

b) explicitly considering the impact on equality issues of any new actions, policies or procedures which it initiates or approves.

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